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I am selling my open water rowing shell manufactured by Small Craft Inc. of Baltic Connecticut. It is in fantastic shape overall. It was never a club or rental boat, and has very light use. It is similar in design to a Maas Aero. It is approximately 19 feet in length with a beam of approximately 24 at he widest point. The hull is white fiberglass in Very Good to Excellent condition with a small removable plastic fin and closed cockpit. It has a drain plug on the stern and an access port in the cockpit. It cannot be sunk or swamped due to the design! It is very stable, and can handle choppy water. The sliding seat rowing rig is a made by Piantedosi Inc. It is an aluminum frame with a sliding wood seat and wood foot stretcher. The sliding seat is easily removed with quick release mounts. The beautiful, and very light wooden oars are also from Piantedosi, and are in Excellent Condition. This boat is good for beginners to learn on, but will give you more satisfaction over the long term than shells like the Alden Ocean Sea Shell. The hull weighs approximately 40 lbs. It is very easy for one person to carry. This Piantedosi rig sells for around $500 new, and the oars are around $400. Hulls of this type range from a minimum of $2000 - $3000. This boat is in great overall shape, and is ready to go at a fraction of the price of new. Also included with the package, is a set of Yakima travel cradles designed to fit standard roof top racks such as Thule. This molded to fit cradle makes loading and unloading a snap.

It is located near Boston. Please email me at for pic's or questions. thanks Jeff

-- Jeff A (, July 08, 2003


THE SHELL IS SOLD! Thanks for looking Jeff

-- Jeff A (, July 21, 2003.

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