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My seven year old is progressing quickly. He can not reach the pedal without leaning off the edge of the bench with his chest at key level. This has worked for a while but now that he is trying to reach 4 or 5 octaves he can't reach. I have found a pedal extention to purchase at and a more expensive one in the UK that has a platform which looks very good for posture but is quite expensive. Any ideas? Is there anyplace I could purchase a used one?

Thank you, This forum is a helpful resource

-- Della (, July 08, 2003


You might try either of these two approaches:

Piano World


The Piano Shop

With the cheaper Piano World approach, you might also wish to make or find some kind of a box to support the child's feet.

Finding a used one might be tricky. You might have your child's teacher ask around at the local piano teacher's association meeting.


-- Brent Hugh (, July 27, 2003.

We have the expensive English one and must say it is wonderful. The student drags it out to festivals, competitions and exams (she is young, small, serious about her performing) and it has proven to be an excellent investment. Very useful, well made, sadly expensive.

-- Ron Moir (, August 19, 2003.

Thank you for your responses. We have purchased the small medal American one for $30. It gets the job done but it is constantly needing tightened and hard to work quickly. There is no foot rest so we will make a box as suggested in another reply.

Dissapointing but affordable.

-- Della (, August 19, 2003.

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