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I have the sony dcr-trv22 ntsc mini dv cam. I am really happy with it. UNTIL i tried to extract the video! Its super grainy and the quality just flat out sucks! if i hook the cam to my hdtv and watch the movies the quality is great! so why cant i extract it in decent quality?

I set the software to the highest settings and it still sucks! I extracted video with adobe premiere and it still sucks. the resolution is very small. if i burn it to dvd will it be dvd quality? I dont know! it saves it as an .avi file. thats low qAULITY~!

Ijust need help in getting the video from the cam to a dvd and retaining the best digital quality. i dont know what the difference between divx, mpeg 1 or 2 or avi is. please help! thanks

-- Chris regina (, July 07, 2003

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