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Message: 4
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 21:28:32 -0000
From: "pXXXXXXXh"
Subject: Giant multinationals can get f**ked.

I listed a copy of Led Zep- 4 on ebay with a min bid of 40 bucks. Rex label from Malaysia.
I get an email from a bunch of pen-pushers working for the music mafia saying that they complained to ebay and then the item got deleted. here is my email to the pen-pushers in response to it:

Why did you do this to me? The item I listed is just an old vinyl record, pressed in some unknown country many years ago. Why would it bother you so much to have complained about it so that I lose the auction listing and associated costs. This sounds ludicrous to me, esp given that it is an outdated format and it would not encroach on your financial bottom-line this year. I am upset and I demand an explanation soon.


They replied:

> This is a bootleg. Please see our FAQ for your future reference:
> We work as CONSULTANTS to the following companies:
> Atlantic Recording Corporation/Lava Records, LLC
> Elektra Entertainment Group
> Maverick Records
> Nonesuch Records
> Warner Bros. Records, Inc.
> Warner Music Latina Inc.
> Warner Music Group


My reply to that email:

So what if its a bootleg? I found out it was pressed in Malaysia in the 70's. Why would that bother you? You are oppresive, greedy people who stick thier nose into other people's business, when you have no right or need to. That I may sell the item for $50 bothers you much, is obscene, given Warner's gross annual sales. Fuck off.

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Their response, with the words "obscenities, abusive, or threatening language" and the words from my email "Fuck off" all in bold red font:

This is an automatic reply to confirm that your message has been received by Auction Question.

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* If your message contains obscenities, abusive, or threatening language * * directed at our staff, it will be discarded without further action.* * Please remember that the people who read correspondence at this address are * * working to assist you with addressing your issue - Auction Questions Staff Manager

====================================================================== ===

I think this is a gross attack on small people. Is it any wonder that I have a reputation on this forum and elsewhere as being an anarchistic, angry person?


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--             (¶@؟.//) (%FROM_USER@emailgaul.com), March 11, 2005.

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