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حق چار يار – خلافة الراشده – الجنة لاهل السنة روزنامه اسلام

-- Your Full Name (Your Email Address@greenspun.com), July 06, 2003


"And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?" (Revelation 13:4)

-- (gfjdj@fdgf.xg), April 30, 2004.

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation. petra jane says: hi unknown or says: hi!! unknown or says: how you petra jane says: hot and sticky, you? unknown or says: not hot unknown or says: or sticky unknown or says: but ok petra jane says: better humidity than a dozen earthquakes i guess unknown or says: yep unknown or says: i am listening to a buncha sale bin records i got today petra jane says: whatcha get? unknown or says: i"the electric junkyard" by (ditto) is quite good unknown or says: (playing now) unknown or says: also got: unknown or says: dollar brand live @ montreux, reflections of the marmalade, garden party by rick nelson, solo in soho by phil lynott petra jane says: fantastic i have heard of almost none of those people! unknown or says: also a magna carta lp, a keef hartley lp, a cowby songs lp by the sons of the purple sage, a richard lloyd lp unknown or says: i think thats all unknown or says: some quite good ones petra jane says: good score unknown or says: you havent heard of phil lynott? unknown or says: oh surely unknown or says: thin lizzy unknown or says: also : rick nelson unknown or says: dude was pretty famous unknown or says: we were just talkin about how he died in a plane crash & is it true he caused the plasne to blow up unknown or says: by freebasing cocaine unknown or says: *plane unknown or says: i shall look this up on snopes. com perhaps unknown or says: so have you bought any records lately unknown or says: always a fascinating subject unknown or says: right??

petra jane says: of course i've heard of phil lynott! war of the worlds stk, maaaaan! petra jane says: let's see....um, not really unknown or says: oh yeah he's good in that petra jane says: but i got my dvd drive working and bought BLOW UP unknown or says: as i recall unknown or says: oh blow up is great petra jane says: i like when jeff beck smashes his Vox unknown or says: the yardbirds bit is my favourite part tho unknown or says: yeah that bit unknown or says: yay petra jane says: snap unknown or says: is there a "snap" emoticon petra jane says: there isn't even an ace of spades petra jane says: ? unknown or says: ha ha i get it unknown or says: after about 5 seconds petra jane says: it's a homonym or homophone or something unknown or says: some homo thing unknown or says:

>From: Where Christians Meet >To: wschatz@hotmail.com >Subject: MeetSinglesWith -Christian- Principles >Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 14:01:48 -0800 >

unknown or says: thats the kind of spam i am getting now unknown or says: actually that one was a nice change, most of it was very gross stuff unknown or says: i should just GET my penis enlarged, already.

petra jane says: omg you get OLD PEOPLE SPAM unknown or says: but if i wrote back & told them that theyd just want me to buy more G E N E R I C V I A G R A I suppose unknown or says: is the xtian dating one or the penis ones "old people spam" unknown or says: ? petra jane says: well both i guess but i meant the christian values unknown or says: yeah petra jane says: everyone knows young people these days have no morals unknown or says: it's the new direction tho unknown or says: xtianity i mean petra jane says: and huge permanently erect peepees. INCLUDING the laydees unknown or says: yes its an exciting new world petra jane says: i guess it's the next step for jaded straight edgers... unknown or says: ive got a straight edge but i don't use it as a rule unknown or says: does that "joke" even make sense unknown or says: maybe not unknown or says: i am now playing the robert plant solo lp with "big log" on it unknown or says: a record i would never have bought if it had been more than $2, but now i really dig most of it unknown or says: so yay for the sale bins unknown or says: it's largely the deciding principle of my record collection petra jane says: mind if i steal that straight edge pun? petra jane says: haha robert plant. he shld just never have tried going solo. unknown or says: no this album's cool! petra jane says: yeah? petra jane says: who wrote the songs? unknown or says: the '80s production sound really works for this dude... unknown or says: umm who writ em, him & this guy blunt unknown or says: mostly unknown or says: i just look @ record cover unknown or says: yeah robbie blunt petra jane says: wow there's going to be a news article about some kids who fucked themselves up at the big day out and needed to be taken to a hospital OH WOW NEWSWORTHY unknown or says: who is the gtr player, ex of Silverhead unknown or says: oh what happened petra jane says: i guess he kinda invented big hair and wailing, the 80s wld have lapped him up! petra jane says: i dunno it was just a teaser for the 10:30 news unknown or says: & which band ws playing at the time whoever they are it's their fault petra jane says: but y'know, there's ALWAYS some young idiot who takes E and dehydrates or breaks a leg moshing to some shit band or spends all day not eating and drinking in the sun petra jane says: the band, and society. unknown or says: the rolling stones unknown or says: blame it on them petra jane says: let's sue Sony Music or whoever for the unchristian values they're promoting by allowing this kind of debauchery petra jane says: ooh, good. Moral panic petra jane says: i'm reading a scholarly text on the creation of the Mods and Rockers young-people-are-all-violent-sociopaths phenomenon, it is good unknown or says: oh i like stuff like that petra jane says: i recommend 'folk devils and moral panics' by stanley cohen unknown or says: ok unknown or says: that sounds good petra jane says: also 'sociology of rock' by i think simon frith has some good bits unknown or says: i have lost a book about stalin that belongs to the dn public library unknown or says: petra jane says: crap unknown or says: which will cost me i think 60 bucks, + i didnt get to finish it petra jane says: misplaced lost or left it somewhere lost? unknown or says: "stalin : in the court of the red tsar" by simon sebag montefiore unknown or says: i recommend it petra jane says: omg DPL's website is so completely NOT CRAP like hamilton's unknown or says: even tho i only read 1/2 before i lost it unknown or says: i am a dumm ass petra jane says: AHA it was "overdoses on herbal high" i KNEW it unknown or says: yes the local library website is good....the library itself, not the greatest one i belong to, even the timaru one is sort of better unknown or says: i request some purchaes for them, i only just recently discovered that one can do this unknown or says: altho it might not look good if i start asking them to buy stuff straight after i lose a expensive recent book petra jane says: you can book stuff thru the web tho, rock unknown or says: yeah herbal highs, see those things are bad! not that ive ever tried them petra jane says: haha if you pay the fine then they'll love you anyway petra jane says: fines + charges = slush fund for 'non-essential purchases' etc unknown or says: yeah i wonder if i can pay them off in several hits petra jane says: i know people who take an entire packet cz yknow, it's herbal therefore it must be safe unknown or says: hopefully they let me do that petra jane says: probably, the uni here lets people do that unknown or says: but shit WHERE DID I PUT IT, i am totally stumped, petra jane says: but geez, 40 000 people and they're making HEADLINE NEWS cz one dude was a drug-wannabe idiot and another got hurt in a fcking MOSHPIT unknown or says: i get too many books out of the lib. at 1x, i dont even get to read all of them of course petra jane says: someone's place? unknown or says: yeah but the only person who i had visited in the coup[le days before i noted i had lost it was my sister & it wasnt at her place petra jane says: there's a copy of 'folk devils' due back on feb 15 unknown or says: & i hadn't been on public transport & i don't think i st in any cafes or resaurants petra jane says: parks? unknown or says: ok i will get it petra jane says: stuck somewhere in the furniture? unknown or says: parks, no don't think so unknown or says: anyway i should stop moaning about it , it's obviously lost unknown or says: i hope they get another copy tho, i want to finish it unknown or says: apparently saddam hussein had like every book ever about joe stalin in his personal library, i wonder if he got to read that one unknown or says: cause it is v recent, maybe he was already on the run from the americans when it was publisjhed petra jane says: it wld suck being on the run from america and not getting to read yr book unknown or says: so i hope they let him read it in jail , he's a true stalin fan & deerves to be able to read the best book of the , umm, three that i have read unknown or says: cause it is shameful to admit but as a sort of communist sympathiser i guess i just avoided learning too much about stalin's atrocities for many years unknown or says: just like avoide it on a instinctual sort of level, avoided learning about it , even tho like i knew all this stuff about nazis.. petra jane says: stalinism really is not very communist petra jane says: in a literal sense of the term anyway unknown or says: yeah unknown or says: no unknown or says: it isnt petra jane says: anyway america is anti-communist and it's fun to back the underdog unknown or says: yeah those were pretty much my deeply-thought-about political philosopjhies unknown or says: for many years unknown or says: oh yeah & thats right still are petra jane says: yay, they got the bastards who'd been systematically stealing rare+valuable books from nz libraries and they judge is gonna completely ream them in sentencing unknown or says: yeah unknown or says: i hate those type of crimes unknown or says: even cutting out pictures from magazines petra jane says: what's worrying is that bookbuyers wld be paying 4-figure-plus sums for bks that were obviously stolen unknown or says: except for kenneth halliwell & joe orton , they were cool unknown or says: yeah i know! petra jane says: halliwell and orton? unknown or says: see all these very straight dudes are prepared to unknown or says: commit crimes if someone else takes the real risky risks unknown or says: yeah joe orton the british playwright & his boyfriend were prosecuted in i think about 1963 for unknown or says: defacing library books & staeling pictures from library bks unknown or says: that they made obscemne collages of petra jane says: sactly, the crims are supplying a viable demand, those book buyers who wr accepting library-stamped rare bks wld know exactly what they wr doing and shld be done too unknown or says: some of which on the actual covers of books which they then reyurned to the petra jane says: mmm obscene collages unknown or says: libarary unknown or says: library petra jane says: jess found me max ernst's collage book for my last birthday petra jane says: 'un semaine de bonte', it's saucy unknown or says: there was this case in france recently where this younbg guy stole all this art right unknown or says: & he did it cause he liked art unknown or says: but the real horrible criminal was his mother unknown or says: 'cause she destroyed tons of art to get rid of evidence after her son got arrested unknown or says: he shouldve got off lightly but his mum shoulkdve bveen executed unknown or says: she destroyed stuff by like, durer, brueghel!! unknown or says: & i forget who else unknown or says: but i bet some great stuff, like the kid was a art fan, he'd've got goood stuff unknown or says: i am now lstening to "4000 weeks holiday" by ian dury, it's quite nice unknown or says: another recent-ish sale bin record that i haven tt listened to much yet unknown or says: do you lik e ian dury petra jane says: how do you find time to listen to it all? unknown or says: 'cause i don't do much else petra jane says: haha fair enough. i bought like 1 cd in the past 3 months and i've barely listened to that unknown or says: but yeah i end up buying stuff that i don't assimilate unknown or says: but that's ok, i can discover stuff ages later unknown or says: thats always cool unknown or says: my girlfriend was a "normal perso" before she met me (just over a year ago) & she had bought 2 cds all year & they werer : (guess) unknown or says: Speakerboxxx/Love Below & "Eleephant" unknown or says: ha ha whadda square petra jane says: haha petra jane says: the 'difficult' face of pop unknown or says: nah those are both good records & i bet idve neverv got roun d to buying em my self petra jane says: i just never get time to shop, it's easier to download or see stuff life unknown or says: do you have any oi records

-- (king-b@hotmail.com), January 21, 2005.

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