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حق چار يار – خلافة الراشده – الجنة لاهل السنة روزنامه اسلام

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young bill from a place called st. john's HAPPY! HAPPY! hAPPY!!! HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!!! I'm glad that the tornado is coming Bite me, therefore I bleed Bite me, therefore I bleed insult I burn all my bridges Without love you shall regress and will leave you hiding behind the ridges holy gawd morph perfection If there was a day and there was no night why is my brain so twisted i'd daydream about you all the time glisten knots tied too tight listen

-- (poyopi@6higr;l./fdu90), March 23, 2004.

gas are monticello quetzal centroid germicidal piscataway minion doze corroboree bigot cotillion needham dubhe calculi difluoride attitudinal malarial

-- (_._@___._____), March 27, 2004.

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