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I am being pursued for an alleged shortfall on a joint mortgage that was taken out with my ex-husband. I divorced him, he stayed in the house and didn't pay the mortgage. House repossessed and he disappeared - disappeared from the monkeys chasing me at least.

Anyway, I have followed the advice on this site, have produced evidence of his empty promises to pay but they will not give up. Have gave them 2 options - take me to court or leave me alone.

Currently, they will do neither. Can I force them to take me to court or do I have to listen to their crap regarding liability?

I want to move on with my life which I feel has been on hold since their initial contact.

As the more seasoned veterans of this site will understand, I do not want to post too many details of this at the moment. Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

-- Stiffed By Ex (, July 06, 2003


Dear Stiffed,

Read the DO's and Don't section. You havent provided any details as to when and how etc, so we are unable to help you at present. We need to have details like:

1. When the mortgaged was FIRST defaulted.?

2. Nature of the repo, were you aware, when did it take place etc.?

3. Did you make any financial settlement when your divorce was finalised?

Once you provide us with the above, I am sure that you will get excellent help.



-- John (, July 07, 2003.

Hi John,

Sorry if I don't provide the exact information you require. The house was repossessed in 1998 after over 12 months of non-payment and empty promises. I was aware of the repossession, and the only thing I came away with from that marriage were debts.

Hope that helps.

-- Stiffed By Ex (, July 07, 2003.

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