Wanted Stock Exhaust & Front Fork.......

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Hi All,

Anyone looking to sell there stock exhaust & front forks.


Dwight - 732.699.0020 (H) 732.208.9950(C)

-- D. Mitchell (ddm@maa-imcs.com), July 05, 2003


I changed over from the stock ARROW exhausts to the FBFerracci carbon exhhausts after 800 miles and have done some mods to my front too. I do have the forks for sale. I am working in the Caribbean now for the next three months but have left the exhausts in Miami. I have the bike here with me and have only just changed the front forks so i have that here with me. I can have it FEDEXED to you through your account(if you have one) if you wish. The forks were only used for about 850 miles and are still in perfect condition. I have an extra swing arm here too (complete), headers, shock, fuel injection, handle bars with switches and reservoirs, front discs,rear subframe from F4S with plastic guard, rear seat lock. I'd like to get $600.00 for the forks and $400.00 for the exhausts if possible. I may just put everything out on Ebay.

-- J Lequay (v60t@hotmail.com), July 08, 2003.

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