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does anyone know if the yellow decal lettering for pre 1960 bay window cabooses is avaliable anywhere, champ is having trouble with the color at this time. you can improvise with other sets but the x is a problem. Thanks much, Drew Rutherford

-- drew rutherford (, July 03, 2003


Drew--at this moment I don't know of any source for the correct lettering, including Champ. However, Gary Wright is releasing a resin BW caboose kit that will include decals. I just finished going over a preproduction set and sent him a few suggestions. For more info go to his website at --Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, July 04, 2003.

Hello Drew: As Larry said, champ has set HC-235 'old style yellow' and set HC-635 'old style white' lettering. Are these correct? I'm not sure, but there is an alternative-the southern wood caboose from 'smokey mountain model works'(don't think it's available any more) had 'nice' yellow and white 'old' style decals made by 'rail graphics'. As far as I know, they still make decals. Walthers has a sort-of-yellow caboose decal, a bit orange for my taste, #88-07. And last,but not least, there's 'funero & camerlengo' decals (don't know who makes them) that come with there southern wood caboose kit.Hope this helps Drew, I'm looking forward to the 'Wrightr Trak' bay window caboose, maybe they will have the 'correct decals'. Good luck RDC.

-- Robert Daniel Cashwell (, July 05, 2003.

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