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Just curious. When you plant corn and a lot of it doesn't come up do you try and replant it?

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, July 03, 2003


If I think there is still time for it to mature before the weather turns to cold! I have a lot of corn that did not come up and now I don't think there will be time to replant. Crystal :)

-- Crystal (, July 04, 2003.

We harvested our corn just this last week! It depends on the timing for your area. I plant really thick, but, yes, if there is time, and if I need to, I will go back and stick some more seeds in the ground.

-- mary,tx (, July 04, 2003.

There are many reasons for corn appearing to not come up. Have you dug around and found ungerminated seed?? We have trouble here with crows going down the row and pulling them up just as soon as they pop through. Also, you can have bad seed, too much or too little rain, too cold. Yes, we have frequently had to replant. :>)

-- diane (, July 05, 2003.

Well we replanted some of our corn because a couple of our goats got our of the pens and decided that was sure good eating. It caught right up to corn we had planted to start with, and it is almost all ready to harvest now. That is if the goats don't make a escape again !!! Lauraleah

-- Lauraleah (, July 15, 2003.

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