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This is a follow up to the nite ride suggested by NIZAM IBRAHIM in this forum. Regarding the nite ride program, it has been finalised and you can go to for more information. Flyers were available at the last KLMBH hash. If you do not have it, it will be available in KSH and BikePro by the end of this week.

-- alex c. tseung (, July 03, 2003


Hey Alex, how'd the night ride go? Was it fun? Collect many leeches?


-- Joe (, July 29, 2003.

It was much better than the trial run...we had 2 4x4 following that nite so it was not that bad(visibility). surprisingly without the heat of the day, it was equally tough! as for leeches, it was almost leeche free which was really weird.

-- alex c. tseung (, July 29, 2003.

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