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I need to write a paper on a character in one of Shakespeares plays. I was thinking of either Hamlet or Ophelia because Hamlet is my favorite Shakespeare play. Here is my problem: this paper must be 12-15 pages long; the guidelines are simple, "get to know" one of the characters. I haven't had any luck finding info. in books, can anyone recommend anything online? Thanks!

-- missy miller (jennypickello@yahoo.com), July 02, 2003


Hamlet: A Users Guide by Michael Pennington is a pretty good book. Well written by the great actor, not at all "scholarly" or pretentious. This, I think, may well suite you down to the ground. Also, without a doubt, The Masks Of Hamlet, by Marvin Rosenberg, is certainly the most elaborate, thickly detailed and researched, and essential book on Hamlet ever written. It costs about 55 to buy. It is fucking huge, I tell you! I am sure you can order through your local library. So long as it is a good library. Hurrah!

-- Patrick Walker (the_right_hand_of_doom@msn.com), July 09, 2003.

Thanks so much Patrick! I got a bitch load of books from the library and I don't remember seeing either of those (my luck). I have decided to narrow the topic a bit and am going to imagine myself in the role of a dramaturg who has been asked to provide a "reading" of Hamlet. My reading would be used to help the company shape its handling of the character and the production. So,I'm going to analyze Hamlet's character in the play and the challenges it presents for readers, performers and viewers; the various approaches to the role from Shakespeare's time to ours; and finally my judgement of how the role should be approached. Ya, I'm taking a bit of a chance since the papers due tomorrow, but in the least it should prove interesting! Thanks again! Missy

-- missy miller (jennypickello@yahoo.com), July 09, 2003.

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