Looking for company to roast and package my coffee in the US

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Good afternoon

I own a coffee business in Venezuela where we roast, package and sell our own brands of coffee. However, we're looking for ways to get into the US market. I need some help in locating a good company that can roast and package our coffee. I'm located in NC. Are there any companies in this area?


Alberto Diaz

-- Alberto Diaz (alberto.delta@mindspring.com), July 02, 2003


Here in Washinton state there are a couple of excellent Roasters. Hood River Coffee Company is one of them. Call Peggy at (800) 336- 2954

-- scott perky (scotty@pcnuthut.com), August 19, 2003.

We would love to talk to you about doing your privet lable roasting. Please visit our web site and please feel free to gige me a call. Best of success to you.


-- Al Welker (alwelker@OrangeRoasters.com), October 16, 2003.

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