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As I have reported before, we are in the process of rebuilding an old Southern railway line in Spalding county, Ga. We have a huge trestle (MP9 trestle for those of you who are familiar) and, well, it looks like we are going to lose it to a neighboring county who wants the land. Anyway, my question is presented, as we are trying to determine the value of this structure. We are not worried about the wood value or the land, that is easy to determine. However, we need to know the approxamate value of the steel girder center span. It is 129 ft. long, and is described as a "pin deck truss" type construction. This bridge was built in the 1860's era, if I'm not mistaken.

If there is anyone who has any information on this subject, or knows the value of another similar type of bridge somewhere else we can compare this to, we would certianly appreciate the help.

Please e mail me, or call me at (404) 392-6103 if you may have any information that could help us.

Thank you very much.


-- Elton (, July 02, 2003

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