tyre size.. is it make sense?

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Recently i've changed my front tire from 2.10 to 1.95, but i'm still using 2.10 for my rear tyre. What different does it make. Can somebody explain to me more detail on choosing a right tyre.

-- lan (lant31@hotmail.com), July 01, 2003


Here are some of the things to think about when choosing a mtb tyre: For me, I buy the cheapest kevlar beaded tyre in a reasonable size (2.0 to 2.1) which can be used for the front and the rear. The last pair I bought, in Sept last year were the Ritchey WCS 2.1, only RM40 each. Here's a link that might also be helpful.


-- Joe (joeadnan@yahoo.com), July 02, 2003.

I have read from magazine, they say that if you are on the heavier side of the scale then you should use bigger tires. I am one such person and i used to use 1.95 on my bike. They wear pretty fast and I also get alot of punctures. No idea on how it will effect riding when using 2 different sizes on a bike. Hope some one will shed some light on this.

-- alex c. tseung (alex_chin_41@hotmail.com), July 06, 2003.


Theoretical only: In a straight line, when you slam your brakes full on, all the weight gets thrown to the front tyre. The rear just skids. So a bigger front tyre would be desirable.

The right tyre? You just have to pick the tyre that suits your riding style, terrain and whether your bike is a hardtail or not.

To answer the other part of your q, some opinions:

Mud: skinner the better, since they have less floatation and sink in to the hard ground underneath. Less mud is picked up by your chain stays and chain as well, the latter delays chainsuck problems. skinny = light as well.

Firetrails: Any old bald tyre with some side lugs, pumped to higher psi.

Rocky: Big fat ones with soft knobs.

Full suspension bikes can afford to run skinnier tyres with lesser risk of pinchflats.

BTW, Another important factor. Sidewall gnarliness! I've found that tyres with aggressive sidewalls will still grip in the dirt and off cambers even with the centre knobs worn through!

So, if you're a cheapo like me, you can use them until the sideknobs are peeling off the carcass!

-- James (jmzyap@yahoo.co.uk), July 07, 2003.

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