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Some years ago, I visited the Alexander RR and saw that they were using an ex-southern railway baggage car as an office. I foud out that their office is know at the local depot.My question is, what happen to the ex southern baggage car and do they have other ex southern passenger cars.I saw a photo of a one car excrusion on their line and the car looked very southern.Thanks for any input here.

-- Robert Daniel Cashwell (, June 30, 2003


I think you might be a bit confused in your memory. The Taylorsville depot has always been the office headquarters of the line since its inception in 1945, when the line was bought from SR. The sale included all of the depots, including Taylorsville, Hiddenite, and Stony Point. The Taylorsville depot was remodeled in 1967.

I think you are a bit confused by the "office car" Alexandria, which sat at the depot from the early 80's to the mid-90's. This car, ex- SAL "Calley" was parked in Taylorsville many years and used for excursions put on by the RR and the NRHS chapter.

Prior to that, in the seventies, there were two cars (1 ex-NS (original) and 1 B&O) cars on the property used for excursions as well. These were sent home after the Alexandria was put in service.

The *only* baggage car that was ever on the line was during the first couple months of the railroad's operation in early 1946. It was an ex-SR model, but was traded in very quickly for a side-door caboose. During its service on the line, it was used as a caboose, but provided too much deadweight, thus prompting its removal from the railroad.

Hope this helps,

Matt Bumgarner Secretary- Alexander Chapter NRHS author- "The June Bug Line"

-- Matt Bumgarner (, July 01, 2003.

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