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I have obtained a commercial electric / hydraulic elevator pump and would like to know it's value. It's viscocity range is 100 SUS to 350 SUS at 100 degree F. fluid temp. should exceed 150 degree mobile dte 24 or equal. Stamping on holding tank reads LP 882160 189 and on other side it reads 1LP8. Elevator is 750# capacity and cylindar is about 12' and tag reads united elevator, S-7822; PLGR.O.D = 2.375; WALL= 0.135. If you have any other info. (esp. the value) I would appreciate it. I don't have much other info. but please e-mail and I could try to locate. Thanks- Darwin

-- Darwin Watson (, June 30, 2003


Pump info.

If you know the plunger size and speed, you can figure out what the gallons per minute required is. The capacity, car weight, and the plunger size will determine the pressure. Get the plunger size (2.375"), the capacity (#750), the car weight (usually stamped on the crosshead), and the speed (in FPM), and give a power unit company a call. Then contact Oliver & Williams(Los Angeles,CA), EECO (GLendale,CA),Quality ELevator (Illinois), or any other elevator company, and ask how much it'll be. If you have an empty car static pressure, it'll help further to calculate the actual car weight more accurately. Good Luck!

-- Steve (, July 04, 2003.

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