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I have a La Cimbali Commercial Espresso machine(120v) for sale. Model is M30 Bistro. It is in perfect working order and has no dents in the beautiful stainless steel finish. Also included are all of the original accesories including stainless steel pitchers for steaming milk, shot glasses, group head brushes, cleaning plug, etc (check web link for pictures of accessories). Machine has been extremely well maintained, and regularly descaled. Machine also has a brand new group head gasket. A common problem with buying used espresso equiptment is that it is difficult to determine how well cared for and maintained the machine was. Very often the machine will have limited service life a result of poor maintenence, and mineral buildup inside the machine. I can guarantee you that this machine has been extremely well maintained inside and out. As a part of preparing it for sale i took a look inside the boiler and made sure that there was no mineral/calcuim/lime build up. The most common area for this to occurr is on the heating element itself, i've included a pic of the heating element here: there are other pics of the machine and accessories as well so please check it out. This machine has been extremely well cared for and is in excellent condition, and is ready to be put into service, the asking price is $1000. For any further questions please email me ( By the way, if you are on a dial up connnection the web page will take a while to load because the pictures are large, so please be patient.

-- Michael Lew (, June 29, 2003


hi -just wanted to say i've reduced the asking price to $900 and i'm throwing in a in an in line water softner(perfect size for espresso machine - cylinder holds about 3 gallons of water) as well as the plumbing fittings.

-- Michael Lew (, July 02, 2003.

I have seen your website. Did you get the machine new, and how old is it. We have soft water in San Francisco. Shipping and packimg could be a problem. LTR

-- Lewis Ray (, July 06, 2003.

If this machine is still available, I'm interested. How old is it?

-- Lance Byron (, November 01, 2003.

do you still have this machine available?

-- idris khan (, February 28, 2004.

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