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found an old medallion.about the size of a silver dollar in dalton ga behind and old building that has a spur track behind it that has only a hint there was a track behind it.on the face it has a steam engine tranversing a land scene.....on the back it has a split scene on one side there is a man seated sending a telegraph with a scene next to it of what appears to be a construction scene half way down the there is script that reads awarded to .on the face it reads at top southern railway co. for loyalty. we know the building pre dates appears it is made of bronze or copper ?it was about four inches under the top surface.thanx any info would be greatly appreciated.

-- kelli calfee (, June 29, 2003


The "loyalty medallions" were issued circa 1916 to employees who had, if memory serves, at least 25 years of service with the Southern Railway and its predecessors. The solid brass medallions also had a small ribbon hanging from them and sell for anywhere from $25-$125 on ebay.

-- Matt Bumgarner (, June 29, 2003.

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