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Anyone had any experience of the Claud Butler Alpina?? I'm looking for a budget bike an my local shop has one in pretty cheap. The spec is as follows: Suntour XCR-D magnesium fork, Front and rear disc brakes (cable), WTB Rocket V race saddle, Kore alloy Ahead, Tioga riser handle bars and shimano alivio 24 speed gears. Anyone got any thoughts on any of those components??

-- abc (, June 29, 2003


For a budget bike it's an excellent buy, (**light weight and fast**- 7005 alloy frame, bike weighs only about 15kg, quite handy really!) I've had one for six months now and Iím pretty happy, I thrash it around and have had little trouble. The components are good over all but the brakes require a lot of maintenance to keep them responsive. (Consider upgrading to hydraulic!) Other than that it's a good buy...

-- Colm Prior (, October 07, 2003.

I just recieved this bike for Christmas '03. Superb bike, light and responsive, the easiest MTB I've ridden for a long while. And yes, hydraulic disks would be a bit better, but the cable system provided has good enough stopping power.

-- Ant (, January 04, 2004.

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