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My on going saga is taking more twists than a rollercoaster.I SARNed the alliance and lecister and they sent some paperwork but non at all regarding the marketing and sale of the repossessed property.There was an entry that stated the property was sold in 4 months and a few months previously an entry that suggested the property was worth a lot more than it was sold for.I wrote back to the compliance officer at A+L and asked for info regarding the sale who wrote back and stated that once the property was repossessed the sale was out of the borrowers hands and I had no rights to this information as it wasnt personal.I also had asked for the estate agent involved and was told I had no right to this info ,in any event.JDL have also written t say if I dont come to an arrangement in the next 10 days,they are sending thier files to thier solicitor to commence proceddings in court.Any advice would be very welcome. David A.

-- david armitage (, June 29, 2003


You may not have the right to see non-personal information under the Data Protection Act but you do have the right to see that inforamtion if it relates to the issue over which they are threatening to sue you.

So I would write back politely to all concerned, thanking them for their help, noting that they are refusing to supply you with the information and that you note they intend to sue you instead and that you are therefore again requesting sight of the information, this time under the Civil Procedure Rules.

In doing so, you are setting the stage to damage them in court, should they choose to go to court. Use registered post for everything.

-- Lee (, June 29, 2003.

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