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if anyone wants to talk dirty to me or me to them just add me playa420babyj on aim and we can have some fun

-- i will tell u when we talk (im@me.quick), June 29, 2003


i wud love you to talk dirty to me.

-- Dan Palmer (, July 03, 2003.

i wud love for u talk dirty to me?

-- dan palmer (, July 03, 2003.

I would love it if you would talk dirty to me so I know how it's done. I also catch on pretty quick.

-- Eric W. (, July 04, 2003.

Hey itz me again the one that posted it just email me and ill get back to u guyz

-- the one that will talk dirty (, July 04, 2003.


Sexual harassment is any behaviour, comment., gesture or contact of a sexual nature that could be considered objectionable or offensive. Some examples are: unwanted physical contact, cat calls, sexual advances threats, intimidation or verbal abuse, whistles unwelcome comments about sexual identity or sexual orientation displaying sexist or demeaning posters/pictures passing or failing a test at school based on your gender or whether or not you engage in sexual activity

P.S. Grunting, staring, "mmm mmmm", "oh baby" and sexual gesturing, etc. are not good ways to meet people of the other sex ... they are exist and can be threatening or intimidating to some people.

Did you know ...

In an Ontario study, 80% of women in high school report having been harassed in a school setting.

Sexual harassment happens almost everywhere ... at work, school ...

If a woman agrees or consents to a particular behaviour then she is not being harassed. But if a women feels that she has to put up with someone's attitude or behaviour or learns to tolerate it because she has no control over the situation - she is being harassed.

Men get sexually harassed too, but the numbers are far less than the numbers of women that are being harassed. It is a reflection of the imbalance of power in our society. When someone sexually harasses another person, they are interfering with that person's right to learn, live, work and play without fear as well as the right to be treated equal

-- Peter Pant (, July 09, 2003.

I see Nigga's comment has been changed! What kind of nigga changes another nigga's words around? What a gay nigga, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout nigga.Okay, I just need to get this out of my system: PRERNA IS DA BOMB! :) Awesome the pics! To all you fellow visitors out there: Enjoy....this girl will soon be famous, and you can say you saw her work first ;) HAPPY DAY!

-- Nosobeitya Hokaii (, July 09, 2003.

mmm... juicy

While some guys really know what they're doing and have been well- educated in the Practice of Women's Pleasure Patches, most guys fumble around like goofballs trying to find a way, any way, to get her to reach orgasm. Well, today is your lucky day, boys, because I'm going to give you the ins and outs of women and our favorite area of their bodies -- ahh, the vagina. The organ that both confuses men and provides them with an abundance of pleasure. Let's start at the top, shall we?

oh the little clitty

What is the clitoris?

The clitoris is a small bud-like formation (and this bud's for you) located where the top of the inner vaginal lips meet. It usually conceals itself under a small hood of skin, but when your baby cakes gets sexually aroused, it expands and emerges like an aroused and awakened universe of pleasure.

The clitoris is a primary source of erotic stimulation, and most women can achieve a clitoral orgasm more easily than a G-spot orgasm. Believe it or not, biologically, the sweet clitoris is directly equivalent to the male penis. That's right, for the first few months after conception, the genitalia of male and female fetuses seem to be identical. But don't worry; your "clitoris" grows to be much bigger...

How do I stimulate it?

You will have to start by experimenting gently and carefully -- that means that you shouldn't scratch, grind, bite, or squeeze it. Nor should you rub it hoping that a prize will pop out.

Use your fingers. The idea is to excite your partner. Simply use your clean and nail-trimmed finger(s) to softly rub her clitoris. You will know that you're doing it right because if you're succeeding, her vaginal area will become slippery when wet, and her clitoris will expand into a firm little bud.

Use your tongue. If you haven't gotten into the cunnilingus program yet, then it's high time that you do. Use the tip of your tongue to lick her clit lightly, and if she begins to moan and groan with delight, then you can get a little more aggressive with it.

Use your second favorite organ. That's right, you can use your penis to tease and taunt her until she can't take it anymore. Use the tip of your penis and rub it against her clitoris, which will definitely get her juices flowing.

Buy her a little present. If all else fails and she just can't seem to go over the edge, then why not try a product that will help her reach orgasm quickly? It's called Vitara™, and it will Make Her Orgasm... Guaranteed.

did you just pee on me?

So is it a myth or reality? Can women really ejaculate? I will give you a personal resounding "hell yes," simply because I have had the pleasure of bringing every woman I have bedded to this crazy climax. Maybe they were just orgasmic, or maybe I'm the sexual James Bond I've always thought myself to be.

Believe it or not, many women have it in them to begin with (I don't mean the ejaculate genius, I'm referring to the ability to do so), but because they either feel like they are about to urinate or have been belittled by ignorant men who accused them of doing so, they hold back.

Now don't get me wrong; it is possible that some women may lose control of their bladders due to the extreme sexual sensation, but ejaculate is something totally different from urine. Actual chemical analysis of the whitish fluid proved that the juice is quite similar to the fluid produced by the male prostate. So what do we call it, sewomen?

What is female ejaculation and how can you get it out of her?

-- juimin (, July 12, 2003.

this is all makin me really horny

-- dude (wow@wow.whoa), July 30, 2003.

Hmm you all speak of sex, sounds like you are all related to Bill Gates, in need of sex badly cause no one wants You.

-- Less you get (, August 04, 2003.

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