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Dear Jeff, I'm getting in touch to check if the Tabla Beat Science might be available for a concert on October 3 or 4 2003 in Verona , Italy. I've been a promoter of the Verona Jazz festival and I invited Bill to perform with Painkiller few years ago. He might remember it. I've been requested to put a musical program togheter for a private promoter (with little support from oour local government). He runs a small hall, Teatro Nuovo (capacity 450 seats)and the title of the program will be Nuove Forme (New Forms)with the idea of presenting new- original projects from different musical areas. I will love to include the Tabla project in the program, if available. I hope you can get me in touch with the right person . Thanks for your help and all my best, Nicola Tessitore Viale Bixio 20 37126 Verona , Italy phone and fax 0039 045 8340300

-- nicola tessitore (, June 27, 2003


i really hope that this will happen.....

i am also from italy and i have never seen bill live...

-- dimensionidol (, July 06, 2003.

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