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Acts of Love

Fernanders earliest experience with Spiritual music were written on his little not pad in crayon. His unique style was refined by his Heavenly Father into a sound personifying prolific, which is contained in Fernandersí explosive debut album, Acts of Love.

Fernanders is the new man on the block but not for long with his first single, Mo Betta an Imaginative reworking of melodies with rhythm that his Heavenly Father transformed into a moving urban/pop bass-fueled anthem sure to top the charts.

Acts of Love showcases Fernanders Spiritual journey with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ embodied in a mixture of gorgeous lyrics and splendidly done vocal arrangements. This urban/pop contemporary album fall nothing short of spectacular.

Listening to Acts of Love is like listening to a brother who is a good and faithful servant, faithful over a few things, yet worthy to enter into the joy of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Conveying realistic messages set to touch the heart of millions both in mainstream and gospel culture.

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-- Anderson Fernanders (, June 26, 2003

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