wanted: parts for Pavoni (at a reasonable price!)

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I'm trying to help a friend ressurect a Pavoni Europiccola and am getting a little demoralized at the outrageous prices asked for for some simple parts; Is is possible to do for $100 or less the following: heating element, brass adaptor ring + screws (3) (this is ca. 1980 machine which has the old screw-on type element so the ring clamps to the boiler and secures the new-syle element), element gasket, 2 piston gaskets, small gasket for top of piston shaft. Oh, and maybe a group gasket. Formerly Javabits in Seattle had reasonable prices but they seem to have gone out of business. Thanks!

-- Steven Immel (immels@panix.com), June 26, 2003


Good luck, I am trying to find a new boiler tank for mine and the boiler tank is $250, go figure, mine sprang a tiny leak and I thought that I could get the parts needed, I am now looking for a machine for parts cheap? email if any luck

-- Thierry (dzlram@yahoo.com), August 07, 2004.

Try http://www.lapavoni.ca

-- Richard Dziewulski (me@m-i-c.com), September 23, 2004.

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