have no communication on a dmc 1

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Had a inspector with me on monday doing a annual test and he say's put a car call in!! I'm looking for PC terminal but it wasn't on the controller find PSC.Jumped to 1u now i have no communication(control,clc,selector,doors)I know i'm a knuckle head for not checking the print.Can run the car on inspection up and down,doors work if i press buttons in operator,will not hold a car and has no floor indicators.I'm working from a older dover dmc1 book and trying to follow the trouble shooting section board,wiring harness check and so on,got all my voltages.PSC and NSC is just a sheilding pair of wires at all these points clc selector door operater and contoller Yes the 150 ohm reistor is good. Replaced selector board because of bad readings and that wasn't it and the building has only 2 elevators and this car has been down since monday with no tech available and the supt is catching heat from his people.So before we get thrown out of the building if someone has any knowledge of this equipment and could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bobby

-- bobby labarca (BBbytheshore@aol.com), June 26, 2003


Check your voltages at the swing return power supply.The 5 volt supply is VERY critical

-- Shane (dkgranny@yahoo.com), June 26, 2003.

Have you checked the battery on the clc as this requires changing error two years. If not replace it and reprogram the unit.

-- Steven Fairclough (wjwtwsmv@tiscali.co.uk), June 29, 2003.

when you say no communication, are you talking about it being hooked up to the tool. if you are not communicating then there is a loss of 24vdc between p24 and g24. this has to be energized in order for all boards to communicate...ex).clc,selector and door board. you could be losing the power due to one of 2 blown fuses which are fed dierectly from the transformer through the 2 "4" bridged rectifiers and so on to complete the circuit. Just a logical thought...let me know if that works.

-- (beansandrice@comcast.net), August 01, 2003.

I also having this problem and now i also facing this problem. I think it need a driver for the "The Numark DMC-1". Are you have the full version of the sofeware or CD can you email to me the driver of the DMC-1. Thanks

-- kelvin (kelvin.ng@twelvesi.com.my), March 10, 2004.

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