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Hey there! I have good news for everyone looking for free Disney sheet music on the Internet. I found this site:

To save you guys time, I'll tell you which Disney songs are available at the site.

ALADDIN: A Whole New World, Arabian Night, One Jump Ahead, Aladdin Medly, Friends Like me, Prince Ali POCAHONTAS: Colors of the Wind TOY STORY: You've got a Friend ANASTASIA: A Rumor in St Petersberg, Journey to the Past, Once Upon a December, In the Dark of the Night, Learn to do it, Paris Holds the Keys, At the Beginning BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Theme Song

If you want to download the Mulan Reflection song, you need to click under "English", then "Female", then "Christina Aguilera". This is the Pop Version of the song, but the sheet music is really good.

If you have trouble getting to the site like I did, just go to Yahoo or something and type the web site into the search bar. You'll eventually find it. I hope this helps out all you Disney fans!

-- Andrea (, June 26, 2003


Thanks so much for the info! I have been looking all morning for this song (Reflections)! I have the music in a book I got for my daughter...but I needed something that was more challenging for myself. (the book I have is only using the right hand)

This website had a lot of other awesome music on it too!

If there are any other songs that you are looking for let me know and we could compare notes...we have alot of 80's music if you're into that!

Thanks, Becky

-- Becky (, August 03, 2003.

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