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I have contacted the HM Land registary by email regarding finding out the average price for a property in the postcode area for my repossessed property.They have emailed me back stating that they on;y have records going back to 1995,my property was repossessed in 1992.Any advice of where do I go from here,would be most welcome. David A

-- david armitage (, June 26, 2003



Try HBOS web site - house retail price index - .asp

This spreadsheet has house prices (and other interesting stuff) from early 80's

Remember though if you intend to sue or counterclaim regarding underselling a limitation period applies and therefore it needs to be within 6 years of your statutory notice (letter from lender telling you they have sold the house and for what amount).

Hope this helps

-- fairer financial world (, July 09, 2003.

Hi David,

Also Nationwide have a historical house price request section going way back (my fiance is same as you repo 1992) you put in price you paid for property, area you lived in (you can do a postcode check here) and they give you a rough idea of what it would have sold for.

-- Chris (, July 10, 2003.

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