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Anybody know where I might find a clutch lever for an '02 in the US? Please don't ask how it got broken! The dealer is at the mercy of the importer who doesn't seem too interested in keeping spare parts on hand. This has to be one of the more commonly replaced items. They have no idea when a new one might show up from Italy. I'd like to get a few miles on the bike this summer. Thanks in advance.

-- DaveB (, June 26, 2003


He can make some replica's as italy will only ship full assembly's which cast a fortune. No levers seprate sold!!


-- hb (, June 26, 2003.

Some guy on has one made for him and the quality is very good. Go find the thread and he should be able to help you.

-- aspinner (, June 26, 2003.

Have you tried other MV dealers? Perhaps they may have some in inventory. Funny, Cagiva USA sent an e-mail saying they are stocked with all the necessary parts. Perhap you may want to contact them directly?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phx, Az) (, June 26, 2003.

I have one, just the clutch lever, original in the packet. $120.00 and you pay the delivery from Australia. Let me know privately


-- Robert McCaskie (, June 27, 2003.

You could also try Casoli USA:

-- Allan Gibbs (Phx, Arizona) (, June 29, 2003.

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