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Yesterday after a very agressive ride through the mountains,I parked my F4S in the driveway to clean the bug remains of of her. While pushing her into the garage I apply the front brakes and get a loud popping noise. I push and pull on the bars and get a series of poping sounds(while holding the front brake). I release the brake and bounce the front end and no sounds. I grab the brake again and the same noise. I checked the caliper bolts, they are tight as a drum.I am thinking it is the rotors(full floating remember)as I can move both of them around by hand. I also think it could be steering head bearings, but it should do it all the time. Somebody please go grab your bike apply the front brake and rock the front suspension up and down and tell me you are getting the same sounds. I have a trackday coming up and this is very unnerving. Thanks,Curt

-- Curt McMillion (ytry@charter.net), June 25, 2003


I think, you heard the brake pads.

regards, Roland

-- Roland (rolf4s@yahoo.de), June 26, 2003.


Its the pads moving a bit in the calipers.

Don't worry !


-- Tony Hilson (thilson@talk21.com), June 26, 2003.

Thanks guys,Curt

-- Curt McMillion (ytry@charter.net), June 26, 2003.

Curt, I've experienced the same noise with my F4, it either comes from the floating discs or/and from the calipers. Don't worry for your trackday...

-- jean-michel Garnier (jean-michel.garnier@locaboat.com), July 02, 2003.

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