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Latest issue is now out in the UK.

Poster of F4 Oro, interview with Castiglioni, ride of Brutale.


-- Senna 026 (ralph@eurograv.co.uk), June 25, 2003


Great... Will buy ASAP here in Sweden... :)

-- Nils Haak (nhaak@algonet.se), June 25, 2003.

Could someone scan the Brutale and Castiglioni articles and email them to me? I don't think I can get "Italian Bike" magazine in the US. I would love to read them.

Thanks, David

-Waiting patiently for a Brutale

-- David Moore (david@moorecsi.com), July 02, 2003.

Here ya go David!!


-- ben (ben_kifle@yahoo.com), July 06, 2003.

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