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Hi all

Well I have followed the advice on this site and issued the B&B with a SARN....

They have replied with one of their forms which have the following boxes...

Bradford & Bingley PLC Charcol Limited Mortage Express Bradford & Bingley Estate Agencies, Lettings, Surveyors

Now I have replied that "I require all information concerning me in all areas of your business" as the site advises...

They have now replied and I quote

"It requires the individual supply us with as much information as possible, in order for us to locate the information that you are requesting, if adequate information is not received from yourself, we may be unable to comply with your request.

In light of this, please provide me with any account details in relation to any product you may hold with us. On receipt of the required information, I will proceed with your request."

Now how do I know if any or all of the four listed have been involved with the mortgage that I had with these people and under sale of the affected property? I have sent a letter back confirming that I have received there letter and will be in touch in due course.

Any help?

Many thanks for all the help and answers so far from the members of this site... If I can be of any help to anyone please let me know...

Regards Gary

-- Gary Maund (, June 25, 2003


as per previous postings on SARNs recently

send a copy of your latest debt collection letter to them instead of their form - they should have all the information they need then and you cant be accused of acknowledging the debt can you.

If they still provide silly replies instead of the SARN complain to the information commissioner.

-- who (, July 29, 2003.

Absolutely Gary. If they can find your name and address and alleged debt so easily they can find everything else. It's their job to look for information on you, not yours. They have your name and address and with all the technology available today I'm sure they can track you down. I agree with the above, send them a copy of their alleged debt letter back, with a covering letter stating I enclose a copy of the alleged debt letter as sent by you and require all information as stated on my SARN in relation to this alleged debt. They have to provide this by law. Sounds to me like they are stalling for time.

-- Chris (, July 30, 2003.

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