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Greetings rowers. I'm new here, been rowing a kevlar guideboat on the Hudson this season (fixed seat, pinned oars). Someone told me about the Blackburn Challenge, and I'm thinking about it though the biggest water I've rowed in is Champlain. Should I make a cover for the front of my boat so I don't get swamped by a wierd wave?

Also, I made my own oars from the Grant pattern from the Durrant book, so, pretty traditional. Should I get some Shaw and Tenny spoons for the Challenge? Do you really go that much faster with shaped oars? TIA for all comments and suggestions.

Also, is there a FAQ for this list or just that list of messages? thnx, Ed Atkeson

The carp were swarming so violently yesterday it was almost scary.

-- Ed Atkeson (, June 25, 2003


Hi Ed, Great to hear of another guideboater on the Hudson. I do most of my rowing around West Point, Bear Mt. and Nyack. You're probably up river from me. Ahh the Blackburn. There is nothing like it on the East coast. By all means, if you can, make the trip to Gloucester and challange yourself in the waters around Cape Ann. I've done it five times in my Kaulback stripper guideboat and have never had any problems with waves swamping the boat. Never even enough water in the boat to stop and bail. Had the full range of water from rough to flat over the years and the guideboat handles them all. So no cover need. Maybe a sun shade over your legs. Four hours in the blazing sun can do a job on your legs. I just use my traditional oars. Never felt the need to have to feather in the wind. I"m so use to the pinned oars by now, changing would slow the boat.

Not sure if I'll make the race this year. My wife is due on the 14th. If all goes well maybe I'll be able to sneak away for some fun on the 26th. Try to make the race. Hope to see you there. If not, maybe on the Hudson some time. Happy rowing. Paul

-- Paul Neil (, June 27, 2003.

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