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Hi I'm planning to row from Skagway to Seattle beginning around May 2004. Would appreciate ANY advice from anyone who has been in the area. Any knowledge of sea conditions. May settlements along the way etc

-- chris warren (, June 25, 2003


Have you seen this "" ?

Or this? "Row to Alaska By Wind & Oar by Pete Ashenfelter (Photographer), Nancy Ashenfelter (Illustrator) "

I haven't done it nor read this book but I am interested in hearing what else you find out about it.

Yours, -Gary-

-- Gary Powell (, June 25, 2003.

Another written account of rowing this section is in "Rowing to Latitude" by Jill Fredston, though she went South to North.

-- sheldon Miller (, June 26, 2003.

Hello Chris, There's a diary of a trip up the Inside Passage written by one of the Sound Rowers who did the trip last summer in a kayak. It's posted at under the Noteboard button. I'm sure you could correspond with Marty about his trip. -- Steve

-- Steve Wells (, June 27, 2003.

I finally bought my own copy of "Row to Alaska", and its a great read. They did list the equipment they took in the back of the book. I think they fished and clamed the whole way up to cut down on the amount of food necessary for the trip. I'm not sure whether the fishing regulations would allow for that now.

Also they had a horrible summer of weather, only 7 days of no rain in a 50+day trip!


-- Gary Powell (, May 17, 2004.

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