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My name is L. B. Groover, I am the owner/operator of the Hillabee & Okfuskee RR (the H&O for short). This is a small (5 x 12) HO layout. I grew up in central Alabama in the 50s & 60s. This was L&N country. When I started model railroading a couple of years ago, I intended to model the L& N in south Alabama. In the meantime I stumbled into the Southern RR. I have since collected several engines from both lines. I am now trying to work out a plausable operating plan that will accomodate bot RRs on the layout. I have discovered that the L & N had a branchline from Georgiana, Alabama that ran through Andelusia, Alabama. I have also discovered that the Southern RR operated a branch from Columbus, Georgia through Union Springs and on to Andalusia. What kind of passenger service did Southern offer on this branch in the 50s & 60s? I am sure it would be a small consist. Also, since this is "peanut country" I would like to include a small grain elevator on my layout. So far I have not been able to identify what type of rolling stock would be used in this type of service in this local, in this time period and if they are even availabel. Any suggestions? Rmember I just want my layout to be plausable not actual. I want to have fun. I look forward to hearing from y'all. Oh, my other idea is to say that my layout represents a small town on Southern's line from Macon, Georgia to Brunswick, Georgia. Thanks y'all!

-- L. B. Groover, III (, June 24, 2003

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