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I have a unique situation. Will be buying [ new] sight unseen, and will only ride it for about a month and then put in storage for a year Never even seen one or sat on one in person.Maybe put 1k for miles- maximum. Which is more popular for resale- single or dual seat F4? Only 2002's available now, no 03's yet. Will I get hurt much on resale value since this is mid 03? Bikes reliability fairly good? Dealer is about a 600 mile roundtrip affair! By biggest concern is the extreme riding position [ not a kid anymore, but am small in stature].Really want a brutale but do not see them being available for awhile in the US.I need the bike for July only.Just love the looks! Thanks in advance.

-- robert link (lloyd1947@hotmail.com), June 24, 2003


why don't you by a used one?, this is where you will loose the minimum. get bar reaser from FBF for the confort. I am not sure there is muuch difference on reseal for 1+1 or solo. Check Ebay and see how it goes. Good luck.

-- o (okthomas@tir.com), June 24, 2003.

If resale (depreciation) is a concern, you WILL get hammered hard. With MV back in production, your "new" bike will be old as far as the market is concerned. The new MV's are no different than any other new vehicle, drive it off the lot, you just ate a lot of money.

-- David Aull (dmaull2002@yahoo.com), June 24, 2003.

David, Concerning depreciation, I only meant an 02 versus an 03, since this is mid 03 and no 03 models out yet, so will be buying a new 02 and the 03 may be out within a couple months. We are all used to depreciation when it comes to our toys!Unlike some people, I do not get attached to toys and ususally sell within one to two years or less.

-- robert link (lloyd1947@hotmail.com), June 25, 2003.

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