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We are an Italian Vendor, we are looking for distributors for our espresso coffee capsules. We have the espresso coffee machines that work with our espresso coffee capsules. The disposable espresso coffee capsules are sealed in packs of 5 coffee capsules and are supplied in boxes of 150 (30 packs x 5 coffee capsules), and are available in a choice of espresso coffee capsules:- coffee Light, coffee Expresso, Decaffeinated, Barley and Tea. The espresso Coffee capsules are hermetically packed sealed to enclosure freshness. Materials used to produce the espresso coffee capsules conform to legal requirements for the packaging of food. A quantity of real Italian espresso coffee is hermetically sealed in each espresso Coffee capsules. The espresso coffee machines are made in Italy and high quality.If you are interested please contact us:

-- espressocapsules (, June 24, 2003


I had some expresso coffee made from coffee capsules. It was wonderful. I would be interested in distributing your coffee in the U.S. Please send me details, price, terms etc.


-- Marie Legros (, July 26, 2003.

i just opened a coffee house in melbourne fl i would be interested in the disturbution of your capsules in central fl thank you .... bill mroz 321-258-9205 uncommon grounds coffee house

-- bill mroz (, February 21, 2004.

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