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Does any one Know where I can buy a front stand for the MV in the UK? I know Phil Read used to do them but he seems to have given up on MV parts

-- Les Spragg (, June 23, 2003


You can use Abba pro stand with kit 31,approx 100, fits on swing arm pivots,gets both wheels off deck,allows front and rear suspension removal, very easy to use .Or get old rear stand for conventional swingarm and use under brake caliper mounts if you only want wheel out. I gave up looking ,could only find official MV crank up job for silly money. the Abba is great ,buy another fitting kit if you change bike or have more than one.

-- ian w paterson (, June 24, 2003.

Les, before you rush out and buy an Abba stand (good as they are, and I use mine all the time), note that it only lifts the rear!

To raise the front, I remove the fairing and carefully use a hydraulic trolley jack (with a block of wood to spread the load)under the exhaust down-pipes; as soon as the front wheel is out, I let the jack down and let the weight of the front end be securely supported on a box positioned under the fork legs.

Cheers, Ralph

-- Senna 026 (, June 25, 2003.


I highly recommend the pit bull fork lift front stand. I originally bought one for my Bostrom Replica but it also works very well on my 2002 Red/Silver F4S. I position the swivels just aft of the front axle clamps so that the stand lifts the bike from the underside of the brake caliper mounts. The link is:

Cheers & Happy riding,

Mark O.

-- Mark A. Orwoll (, June 25, 2003.

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