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Can some tell me if this is the correct way to answer Drydens letter after they have been served a Subject Access Rights Notice....


From: Withheld

Ref: Subject Access Rights Request

To: Witheld

Dear Madam


I am in receipt of your letter dated 18th June 2003 and note the contents.

I see that you have indicated that you are the Data Processors and that you will pass on to the Data Controller who will respond in due course.

Thatís all very well, but is not the request which the Subject Access Rights was served.

It is to acquire all information that you hold on me in all areas of your business.

As you have written to me in regards to the disputed monies that your client The Bradford and Bingley PLC claims I owe, you must either have documents or requests via your client on me.

I would like to see all copies of all documents relating to me as the Subject Access Document served upon you dated 17th June 2003 requests.

If on the other hand the Data Controller is in fact an employee of Drydenís then please accept my apologies and I await the documents in question.

Yours sincerely,

-- Gary Maund (, June 23, 2003



You will wait until the devil is driving a snowplough to work before you get an reply or data out of a solicitor ! They just will not comply with the law over this. I had Eversheds bang to rights, quoted all sorts of IC stuff at them and what did they do ? quoted some confidentuality privilege and got out of it. E-Mail me privately and I'll send you a copy of the e-mail they sent me, basically saying "we will not comply" And dont go looking for any help from the Govt on this, ex lawyers who want to get rich, dont rock the boat with current lawyers.


-- John (, June 23, 2003.

I think it's worth a try. I got "lucky" when I sarned the solicitors who did the repo and the re selling of my home. The first reply was standard third party stuff.can't disclose. But I wrote back and said I would make a complaint to the IC if they did not respond in accordance with the data protection act. This prompted them to send me every single viewing sheet they had from the estate agents they used and this information demonstrated that my lender was not truthful re the interest in my home. The lender had said the market was sluggish and that there was only 3 viewings. The information sent from my soliciter showed that there was TEN viewings and even gave names and contact numbers. In addition to this their information showed that there had been two offers on the property instead of the one the lender said there was.

This might not seem very important but for me it demonstrated that the lender was not accurate and truthful with the information they provided...and at the end of the day if you can discredit these people in any way it might prove useful should you get to court.

You make your own choices but I would advise you to SARN everyone named/involved in your case.

You have nothing to lose and hopefully something to gain.

I would add that I did send my SARN's by recorded delivery but I did not send the £10 unless they asked for it. So the initial process need not be expensive!

Good luck!

-- moira (, June 24, 2003.

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