uneven flow, high piston force

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I have an old Goodwill find la pavoni "professional". I had it overhauled in a shop specializing in such things.I have read the instructions in this and other websites. I have had inconsistent results despite a consistant commercial grind, a dose weighed at 12 grams, and a consistent approximately 35 # tamp. Often when the lever is lifted no coffee drips or it only drips from the right spout very slowly (never just the left) and then with VERY high pressure on the lever the flow is only from the right side. What is going on? The water flows evenly from the the screen and evenly with an empty portafilter.

-- robert d graham (bograhm@yahoo.com), June 23, 2003


I thought I had somehow broken a very expensive espresso machine. I had just purchased a grinder (wanted fresher coffee). Although I really thought the grind was where it was supposed to be; it was actually too fine. It was not allowing the water through. You've got nothing to lose, so try a shorter grind time. I bet this will fix the problem. Sounds too easy; I know. What you described is exactly what I was experiencing.


-- Denise Duran (denise.duran@gte.net), June 29, 2003.

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