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Could someone give me more details on how to contact the land registry and what to ask for? I know it will already be on this site somewhere but I just can't spot it. Thanks.

-- sarah furbey (, June 22, 2003



You don't say where you are so I've assumed you're in England and the HQ for Land Registry is as follows:

HM Land Registry HQ 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields London WC2A 3PX

Tel 020 7917 8888

They have lots of area offices and you'll get a list on:

There is a private company who also provide this service but beware they are much more expensive.

I would suggest you phone them first as I remember someone else on the site mentioning that in England the Land Registry do quite a wide search (date wise) for a set fee ( I think about 20).......

Good Luck and let us all know how you get on!


-- moira (, June 22, 2003.

Thanks. I'm in Manchester by the way.

-- sarah furbey (, June 23, 2003.

Can't seem to get that web address up?

-- sarah furbey (, June 23, 2003.


-- Mad as **** (, June 23, 2003.

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