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i just graduated from college with a degree in music and piano pedagogy. i plan to studio teach. i've been using many different method books over the past few years in an attempt to find one with a solid theory basis. i still have yet to find one that i really think covers everything. does anyone have one that they think works really well? any suggestions would be great! thanks.

-- jen (, June 21, 2003


Check out the Keith Snell books from Kjos (Prep-Level 10). The higher levels would challenge most undergraduate freshmen! They also include some history. Many units stand alone, so I try to skip around and make the currently assigned unit tie in with the lesson.

-- John Bisceglia (, June 23, 2003.

The books John is referring to are titled "Fundamentals of Piano Theory" by Martha Ashleigh and Keith Snell.

-- Arlene Steffen (, June 26, 2003.

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