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Does anyone ahve the address of the land registary.I have recieved a respnse from the SARN I issued on the alliance and leicester.My property was valued at 85.000 2 years before the sale.When my property was sold it was sold at 55.000 and at this time house prices were in a boom.It looks possible if I can prove this,they will owe me money.where do I start looking. Any advice very welcome David A

-- david armitage (karen@island44.fsnet.co.uk), June 21, 2003


Before you go further hasnt your lender supplied a post repossession valuation by a qualified surveyour in your SARN + evidence of marketting of the property.

What does this valuation say - is it an independant company

also you only have 6 years (from the date you were informed of the amount it was sold for)to use this as a defence

+ if you bought in mid to late 80's and sold in early 90's you can more than likely forget it - too many repos and therefore the sales market fell through the floor, houses lost value month by month.

If it still looks as though your on to something a fee is payable to the lard registar for this kind of information. Contact them first using their website as guidance www.landregistry.gov.uk

-- who (who@idontwanttosay.com), July 29, 2003.

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