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The surviving equipment list at the ACL & SAL Railroads Historical Society Web site is back! This is a list of known surviving equipment from the ACL, SAL SCL and other affiliated railroads and can be viewed at The list went down after the Web host switched us from a Unix platform to a Windows 2000 platform. We will spare you the details of the huffing and puffing we have had to do to get the list running again, and just say that we have finally ported this service to the new platform and we are happy to offer it again. The Survivors List shows all equipent in the database by default and you can limit the equipment it shows to specifiy types. You can also make it show you equipment in state order, a handy feature if you are planning a trip and want to know what equipment might be found along the way. This is a collaborative effort and you can add new equipment to the list or make comments about something that is already there. We hope to have these features back online by the end of the weekend. The Survivors List depends on contributions from people who know where stuff is. If you know of surviving equipment from one of the roads listed above and don't find it on the list, you have a few days to get you notes together and maybe even make a digital image or two. Then when we turn back on adding equipment and comments you will be ready to go. Speaking of photos. many people have asked us to include images of the survivors. We plan to build in the ability for you to upload your images, but in the mean time if you have shots to share send email and we will tell you how to get them to us. Thanks from the team at

-- Ron. Wright (, June 20, 2003


Thanks, Ron. In addition, LINKS to this page have been reactivated as of this evening.

-- Buck Dean, Webmaster (, June 20, 2003.

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