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Dear Lee, or any body else that can assist me in my quest.

I sometimes post messages on the motley fool discussion boards, in particular the Property - Market & Trends boards where there is a great deal of discussion regarding two curent viewpoints. The first is that the current housing boom has reached its peak and that we are about to embark on a rollercoaster ride of doom and gloom very very similar to the massive price crash between 92-96, the crash that left a lot of us repossessed and facing negative equity and all the building societies sending the victims nasty letters etc etc The opposing view is that house prices are forever destined to rise albeit by a few % points per year and that the next few years will just be a Gentle Slow Down. One chap in partiuclar is basing his facts on the fact that there is/are no forced repossessions caused by overextended BTLers. This is something that I want to disprove, so if anyone has any data that relates to the most up to date REPO figures i'd lover to hear from you .



-- John (, June 20, 2003


You could find out here on the national statistics site.

I believe the court service also publish repossession action figures, and Shelter would be able to assist you.

Hope this helps Jane

-- Jane (, June 24, 2003.

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