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MV offers some performance parts on thier web site. Specifically, the exhaust outlet manifold (gain of 7-8hp )and the open silencer with a claimed gain of 4-5 hp at the rear wheel. Anyone done it? I understand there may be noise ordinances infracted upon so... anyone done it?

Thanks CFC

-- CFC (, June 19, 2003


Where have you been?

-- aspinner (, June 20, 2003.

I purchased the performance package from MV Special Parts. I was promised delivery within 15 days and it arrived on the 12th day. They were marvelous. Even e-mailed me regularly with shipping updates.

The system is great. I was a little disappointed that the end pipes are a bronzer color than the original blacker ones but that is what distinguishes the factory race pipes from the normal race pipes. I have the complete system including open manifolds/headers, eprom etc. The sound although loud is not as 'silly' loud as say the Casoli reworked pipes. They sound marvelous. At tickover they burble with a throaty throb. When decellerating they really reverberate an awesome bubbling sound. When accelerating above 7-8,000 rpm they sound like Schumachers F1 car. All in all I am highly delighted but you must make sure that they are set up professionally. The manifolds are very, very close to the heat exchanger (the factory warn you of this in an enclosed bulletin), and the CO gas must be very accurately tweaked to ensure the best and smoothest running. Make sure your fitter has the meter for this. The other important thing is to make sure that the eprom chip is the right one for your bike. MV SP will ask you the vin no. of your bike in order to determine this. Oh! By the way. Apparently the manifold will only fit bikes with the dual radiators fitted to them. Don't ask me why. Performance is somewhat improved but not so you'd really notice until you're in the 9,000rpm range plus. As to your question re: legality. The silver band that seals each end pipe to the exhaust body has been stamped 'Track Use Only' and there is no E3 (Euro Road Legal)engraving on it. I don't know what the US requirement might be re: noise & emissions. Here in the UK the system would not pass our Ministry of Transport testing but I don't have to worry about that for another 2 years. I have WD40'd my original pipes and have sealed them up in cling film ready for then. Perhaps I'll need them (if the mechanic refuses my bribe), perhaps I won't, but either way I've got them just in case. For what they're worth (if I were to sell them) I figured I'd save myself the hassle of finding and buying some more when the time comes. Do as you wish. The RG3 Performance system from MV is made for the bike. Nothing else out there looks or sounds quite as good and it keeps your bike original. They are very high quality pipes and I strongly recommend them. Hope I was of some help to you. Enjoy! Mark.

-- Mark G. Czajka (, June 20, 2003.

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