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I so wish we could go back to the way things were. All you old-skoolers know what's up. Partying till morning, then after-partying till afternoon and then as if that wasn't enough going again the next night. If not in the same town in one nearby. Remember having to decide which parties to go to there were so damn many? I live in Cleveland so we had our choice of Pittsburg, Indianoplis, Akron, Columbus, Chicago, the list goes on and on. And back then I could leave mad money and shit out and be fuc*ed out of my mind not watching my shit and KNOW for a fact that it's be there when I got back. The last parties I went to (back in 2001) were full of mad shady kats, selling some fake ass sh*t and kats just looking for trouble. It's no wonder the cops come and beak stuff up. As the daughter of a lieutenant of police out here I can assure you had you all kept your asses in line they'd leave our parties alone, THEY HAVE BIGGER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT, especially in the bigger cites. Ah to be rolling again, in a nice, pure environment - utter happiness. Ah well kids perhaps one day it'll come back, but all you lil youngsters need to learn two things MODERATION AND for god's sake KNOW YOUR LIMITS. well kats I've vented. PLUR to all those that remember it and you bet your ass the minute there a scene again anywhere expect to see me there in my leopard print fur pants, hellz yeah baby. Any cool Kats that remember me hit me up - PEACE

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2003


Ya, I know how you feel. I cant say ive been a raver for long, just since 11th grade in 2001. So i dont really know the scene from before that. But if you think about it there wasnt really a time period where it was "Back in the good ol days of true raving" Really- everyone good ol days were when they just started raving. Like what I miss most in life is the days I first started raving and partying all night and all day. Getting fucked up and making money. I moved down to San Diego from Seattle and let me tell you peeps.. there is no scene down here.. I think what is depressing is that my time is up in the scene and its time for me to move on. I havent been to a true rave in about 6 months. In a way I think I need it in my life. But anyways, PLUR pat

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2003

mmmmhhmmm mia, i remember all to well what that was like..I remember thrift stores in the week ,sewing flares on pants and dying each others hair..Just dreaming about the weekend..Some times we had no jobs but that was ok cause we always seemed to make it to and in the clubs or ware houses..I remember getting butter flies in my tummy getting ready for a party or pulling into some city.I miss the crafty flyers made out to look like advertisements for a company(ya had to give a double take to know what you were looking at).I loved how the thumps off bass sound out side in the parking lot while running into yours and many crews from differnt cities..AND THE HUGGS!!!I miss the hugs. The people that would dance in the parking lot. I loved the cute gifts people would bring..When someone said"WHO" they might have ment the dj..The music made you feel so beautiful back then..its still good now and far more advanced but I never hear the cosmic sounds that made the hair on your arms stand up straight.(maybe that was just the magic).When i started going to parties i thought i was starting out late..NOw that i look back i'm like "wow that was a long time ago"..It was november of 1993 i'll never forget that night..You can still find me at parties to this day..not as many and i dont really drive out of town to much any more.I alwaysed wondered what that local guy was still doing in the club well past the hour of last call. or how he found the venue in the first place(dancing harder than any one else but doesnt seem to be rolling)I now see my reflection..My friends still go out sometimes.. you can see us still hugging each other and having the best time ever!!!!!For all those that where there and know what im talking about :::huggs:::and i love you..I hope everyone has found their groove out side of the clubs. i know it was hard when we were over run by the new-b's. It was a place we called home and now a just a memory we reminiss about over pints of beer while breaking out that old carlos mix tape that we still havent transferred over to cd yet..No mia i dont remember you..I was part of the N.C. crew back in the hay day, but i'm sure we would have had a fun time hanging out...

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2003

WoW Aaron. That was awesome. I could totally make a slow motion movie with like blur and slow shutter effects. I'm in Chi but I know exactly what both of you are talking about. We need to compile a list entitled "Remember when . . ." I dunno, reading what you all wrote made me very reminiscent, and pissed off. I want the old days back damn it!

- Matt

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2003

What up Aeron ? Sean here .Been trying to get up with you .Ready to do this.Been spending the last 6 weeks kicking methadome.Im feeling alot better. As far as the scene goes I think that drugs have crippled it.In the begining everything was brand new to lots of people.Some move on to harder shit.And some watched it all go down and took a step back.I wish I could have seen things more clearly .Instead I was one of those who took from it.Since I realized this, I just want to repay the the scene from behind the decks. The people are constantly changing in the scene so they have to go thru this .Having been around for a minute,ive seen the faces change as well as the music change .But one thing never changes and thats the drugs.Dope has now entered the Raleigh DNB scene from ive heard. I have been out of the loop.But friends tell me its hitting big.I just pray that they are smarter than I was.If not it will just be new faces walking into the same trap.So lets give them somthing better. We need to get to work on what we talked about. 4 decks Estoic n Shortattn span

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2004

Aeron whats up? I have been trying to get in touch with you.My email is get in touch with me.Im ready to do this.Also I got one of the new vestax tables its a turntablist dream.

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2004

Do you ever check this site?I have been trying to get a hold of you for months.I know fayetnam is so of the hook and everything,its got to be tough to break away all of those strip clubs playing the rave til dawn CD.Just fucking with you.Im looking foward to hearing from soon.I hope your just to busy working it out with James and Dorsey.Hit me up soon b/c I might be moving to seattle with this girl Aimee im living with,in the next couple of

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2004

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