exhaust en sprocket problem on EVO 3

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Hi, my name is Stephen, I have a EVO3 F4,the pouwer is a little bit flat below thas why I like to change the front sprocket te 14 teeth but I have troubels finding a14 teeth front sprocket for my bike, I tried the EVO2 sprocket but that does not fit, does anyone know ho makes sprockets for the EVO3 model. I would also like to put a new exhaust system with eprom but I do not like the RG3, I prefer the sil exhaust, it makes a nicer sound and looks better.Does the sil exhaust give a gain of pouwer below, does it fit the RG3 manifold and can I use the MV eprom that goes with the manifold? Any other tips to give me for boosting up my MV, specially below and mi range, from 8000rpm on it is great, but below 7000rpm I find it a litle bit weak.

-- Stephen Servranckx (StephenServranckx@pandora.be), June 18, 2003


Don't we all feel that way.

-- aspinner (agusta_spinner@hotmail.com), June 18, 2003.

I use the 43T rear sprocket, the full RG3 exhaust/manifold and a custom chip that is tuned for better low/mid range performance.

Although it would never pull like a 998R down low, it is very driveable in city traffic, pulls cleanly out of turns, and still has plenty of go at high rpm.

All that for the cost of a few mph of top speed and retaining the stock looks;-)

-- yannis (ydoganis@rcn.com), June 18, 2003.

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