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Hi there Has any of you used a Manitou Mars 2001/02 air-oil 3lb. fork before? if yes i would appreciate your feedbacks/ reviews on this one. I'm currently using Judy which doesnt help a lightweight person like myself when doing downhill rides. Someone suggested i might as well go for rigid compared to Judy - same plushlessness minus the weight?

pls comment. Thanks!


-- judogurl (, June 18, 2003


I used the 2001 Mars Sport for about 1 year. Sure it is very lightweight (sub 3 lbs I think) but it flexes quite noticeably especially while you are hammering uphill and it is quite sketchy when you are pointed downwards. I noticed the flex when the brake pads rubbed the rim as you put on the power. On descends it is not as responsive as say the Fox Vanilla or the Psylo which I put down to lack of torsional rigidity. The fork also lacks any rebound control so I was left with just the compression damping. So pogoing was as I recall quite an irritating trait of this fork. Maintenance was quite friendly with the grease port so long as you don't overdo it by flooding the fork. Mind you I am 77kg so if you are a lighter rider (say about 60kg) then the fork should be fine. I have since gone off light air forks completely and found pure happiness with the Fox Vanilla.

-- amir (, June 24, 2003.

Which Judy have you got? Maybe there's not enough damping. Have you tried reducing the spring rate so that it matches your weight?

Anyway, also check out user reviews of the 02 Mars Elite on

-- Joe (, June 26, 2003.

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