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I would like to know what will be suggested exam pieces for all the levels in piano. This is a very vital question. And how long should be taken to practice all the pieces? And which of these score very well?? And one last one is that will the judge know if you make a single mistake in the examination??

-- hui hui (jianbrother@yahoo.com), June 17, 2003


1) buy a syllabus for the examination board of your choice. 2) there is no set time period in which a person should learn a piece. 3) the score you get is based on how well you play the selected pieces. Some consideration may be given to whether you have chosen a balanced program but there is no mark allocated to this choice. 4)yes. Both you and the judge will survive. Remember, creating good music takes time and much thoughtul, patient consideration. Breathe.

-- Anita (anitagreenways@hotmail.com), June 20, 2003.

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